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Office move: This is how to prepare your fragile items

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Doing an office move is always a little more complicated than moving from a residential property. For one thing, many of the items at a commercial property are expensive and often much heavier than items at a residential property. Fortunately, office movers can make this process much easier.

How to Prepare Fragile Items During an Office Move

Your office may have several fragile items. For example, items on display shelves, electronics, computers, and other easily breakable items can be challenging to move. On top of these items being fragile, replacing these items because of damage can be an expensive headache.

However, it’s easier than you think to prepare fragile items for an office move. For the most part, to prepare fragile items, you must have certain packing supplies. Two keys to moving fragile items include sturdy boxes and plenty of bubble wrap.


Breakables can include jars, mugs, glass items, trophies, or display items from your commercial property. To correctly pack fragile items, you will need to wrap items individually in paper wrapping or bubble wrap. Oftentimes, it’s best to cushion the bottom and sides of a box with bubble wrap to provide further protection, especially if you are moving long distances and you are concerned about jostling fragile items on the road.


Moving electronics and other advanced equipment from a commercial property can often be a challenge. For items that are small enough to fit inside a box, you want to ensure you’re selecting a box that will completely close when the items are placed inside. Preparing the box with bubble wrap on the bottom and using bubble wrap around the electronic item should protect the item during the moving process.

For items that are too large to fit into boxes, you may be able to use packing blankets to protect the item during the move. In addition to packing blankets, you can also insulate the item with bubble wrap, tape, and special loading procedures. You should not pack large electronic screens with paper, as this can damage the LCD screen.

What If You Don’t Have These Packing Supplies?

If you don’t have these moving supplies readily available, you will be able to request these moving supplies from your office movers. Movers will be able to supply you with many packing materials, including bubble wrap, boxes of various sizes, pads, packing blankets, tape, and more.

If you aren’t sure which packing supplies you will need for a long-distance move, be sure to speak with your movers for the best advice on the supplies that are most appropriate for your fragile items.

How Else Can Office Movers, FL Help You?

Professional movers can be helpful for your commercial property move in many other ways. Whether it’s keeping organized or following special orders, trusting professional movers can make your long-distance move much less stressful. Two main ways professional movers can help you include:

Check Lists

Because the items at a commercial property are often numerous and expensive, it’s helpful to have a checklist of all items that are being moved. The checklist will be monitored as items are loaded onto the moving truck and offloaded at the new commercial property to ensure all items are accounted for.

In addition to the checklist, professional movers will also do a final sweep of the commercial property and the moving truck to ensure no items are left behind.

Loading Order

Your professional movers will also follow a specific loading order, which can be helpful if you have very large or delicate office machinery. From fax machines to specialized kitchen equipment, the loading order may be essential to protect your larger items or more fragile items. A preferred loading order can also make it easier to unpack when you finally arrive at your destination.

How Can You Arrange a long distance move

Arranging a long-distance move is made easier when you hire a professional moving service. The process of hiring a professional service includes starting a quote, selecting a date to schedule professional movers, and packing your items with packing materials that are provided by your movers.

While it can be daunting to pack fragile items for a long-distance move, using the proper packing materials will ensure your items arrive safely. In addition to padded blankets, boxes, and bubble wrap, professional movers can also provide checklists and follow loading orders so your move is done perfectly. See how else Family Movers Express can help you with your office move Raleigh, Charlotte, Nashville and Phoenix today.