Where in North Carolina is the next big investment

The manufacturer of drug containment solutions and delivery systems for the pharmaceutical industry, SCHOTT Pharma, plans the next big investment. First, they plan to construct its first U.S. factory in Wilson, North Carolina. Here, they will produce prefillable polymer syringes that are necessary for the deep-cold storage and conveyance of mRNA therapies. Additionally, they will produce glass prefillable syringes for GLP-1 therapies—such as those for treating obesity or diabetes. In fact, total investment, is $371 million. That will create 401 new jobs in the area by the end of 2024. In fact, the State anticipates that operations would begin in 2027.

In addition, the new location will enable SCHOTT Pharma to treble its supply of glass and polymer syringes to the U.S. market by 2030. These syringes are in high demand for injectable medications, vaccines, and other fields of use. Relocating manufacture to the United States will save lead times and shipping expenses while guarding against future crucial medication shortages.

“SCHOTT Pharma will be able to fill those orders quickly and efficiently here in the U.S. as drug manufacturers develop and expand the use of mRNA, GLP-1, and other biologic therapies that require precise drug stability and storage properties,” stated Andreas Reisse, CEO of SCHOTT Pharma. “The effects of this facility will alleviate stress on the entire supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry and go well beyond the creation of local jobs in North Carolina.”

According to Christopher Cassidy, President of SCHOTT North America, “Wilson County stood out in a nationwide search for a number of reasons, particularly for its favourable pool of local talent and its proximity to the Research Triangle area, which hosts numerous universities, healthcare companies, and biopharma resources.”

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