5 things to think of about Office Relocation

No matter the size of your operations, an office relocation is always a challenge. Most managers and business owners realize that moving is never straightforward and that there are many potential issues. But have you really considered all the variables, and are you fully prepared for the task ahead? Read on to find out what you should keep in mind and how local office movers could help you.

1. It Can Be More Expensive Than You Think

The costs of moving an entire office are more widespread than many project managers realize, and it is therefore easy to go over the approved budget. Aside from the cost of the moving company you employ, you’ll also have to pay for restoring your old office to its original condition, particularly if you were renting. You might have to repair any damage and undo any changes you made to the space.

Similarly, you’ll need to adapt your new space to suit your needs before you can move all your furniture in. Unless it’s already perfect for your company, this might constitute an extra cost. What’s more, getting rid of redundant equipment and buying new furniture should also be considered, and you’ll have to update all your marketing equipment, such as flyers and business cards, to reflect the change in your address. These various costs can add up significantly. Prepare an inventory.

2. You Need Someone to Manage the Move

If your business is small, you might believe that it will be easy to handle the move on your own, without a specific project manager. But this can be a mistake because it’s easy to overlook certain factors. The best way to ensure everything goes smoothly is to create a team that specializes in the relocation. Depending on your business and the availability of your employees, you may or may not need to hire outside experts to help you with this.

Remember that your movers can assist you with the planning phase of the relocation. We have a lot of experience working with businesses during this transition, and we have developed specific materials and checklists to help. Put your project manager in touch with our employees, so they can coordinate and work on the best solutions together.

3. You Need to Think About Informing Everyone

There are two important communication issues you have to think about before you decide to relocate. Firstly, how will the move affect your employees, and will they have a say about how the new space should be set up? To avoid frustration, it’s best to communicate the upcoming change with the team as soon as possible and adequately prepare them before the fact.

Additionally, you’ll have to let all your customers or clients know what’s happening. Think about how to best reach them. If they come into your office to conduct business, it might be best to speak to them in person, but if not, you should make use of your various communication channels, such as social media or your website. Letting everyone know might come at an extra cost, so be sure to list this item in your budget.

4. Your IT Equipment Might Require Special Treatment

Office furniture is relatively simple to move, particularly because it is usually sturdy. On the other hand, your IT equipment is more delicate, and it will require special attention. Speak to your moving company about the items you need transported, so they can bring the correct packing materials and ensure that nothing breaks during the trip. In most cases, your movers can relocate delicate equipment, but they will let you know if you need to hire specialists.

5. Office Movers Can Smooth Out Issues

The best way to ensure a smooth move is to hire a great company in your local area. They will be experienced in moving offices like yours. Before getting started, they’ll help you to double-check that you’ve considered all the variables and that you’re ready to go. If any issues crop up or you can’t immediately move all your items into the new location, you can make use of the free storage they offer.

Your upcoming office relocation is going to present you with a number of challenges, such as having to communicate with staff and clients and moving your most delicate pieces of equipment. A great team of office movers can help you navigate this tricky situation. Call or message us at Family Movers Express to speak to one of our professionals and find out what services we can provide.