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Flat Rate Movers: This is how to simplify Your Move

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Moving can be expensive, especially if you’re relocating to a different state or you have a big home. To budget more effectively, you should try to fix most costs upfront, which can help you avoid any surprises. You can hire flat rate movers who will quote you a price upfront. No matter what happens on the day of your move, you won’t be surprised by extra fees or additional, unexpected costs.

What Are Flat Rate Movers?

There are several ways a moving company can charge you. Many of them have an hourly rate, and they will estimate the cost of your move based on this. However, if something unexpected happens or you find out that you need extra services, you might be hit with an extra charge. Movers who offer a flat rate are different because they allow you to pay the price that was initially quoted, even if there are delays or changes in what you need.

When planning the cost of your move, this stability can be very beneficial to you. As soon as you book, you’ll know exactly how much you will pay for your move, and you won’t have to worry about coming up with extra money. This can reassure you and allow you to feel supported during the process.

Services We Provide in Raleigh, Charlotte, Nashville, Phoenix and West Palm Beach

The price of your move will depend on which services you’d like to include in your package. Some people opt for minimal help and simply want someone to load, transport, and unload their items. Others would like a more comprehensive service, which might include providing all the materials you need to pack your items and helping you to get everything ready.

When you get in touch with your movers, you can explore several of these options to find out which one could suit you best. You can ask the company for quotes, then decide whether you’re better off with the full service or with only basic help. Additionally, you should also find out about any other services your movers provide. There might be extra benefits to booking ahead, such as free storage or help with planning your move.

Packing Up and Providing Materials

Before you book with us, we will ask you whether you’d like us to provide you with some materials and to come early and help you pack. Depending on the size and complexity of your move, this could be a great option. As professionals in the moving industry, we have plenty of experience with packing delicate items safely and making sure the materials used will fully protect your furniture and valuables.

Loading and Unloading

A core part of our service is smart loading, which makes the subsequent unloading process much easier. We can pack your boxes in any way you like. For example, most people opt for a room-by-room system so they can then distribute everything to the correct space straight away. In addition to loading smartly, we will also take utmost care to secure your items inside the van, so they are safe throughout the entire trip.

A Quick and Efficient Trip

Whether you’re simply moving down the road or all the way to another state, we will always allow a family member to ride along in every van. That way, you have control over your move, and you’ll get to see how carefully our drivers are on the road. We will provide you with an accurate estimate of when your vans will arrive at your new home, and we also keep you updated along the way.

Extra Services at No Additional Cost

Because there is only one fee to pay to your moving company, you can expect all extras to be complimentary. For example, you can benefit from free storage for a month if there are items you can’t immediately relocate. Similarly, we provide checklists and assistance during the planning phase of your move. When you’re ready to depart from your old home, your movers will thoroughly sweep every room to make sure nothing has been missed.

Hiring flat rate movers  can be a great idea because it allows you to plan and budget for your trip more easily. Your moving company can help you pack up, provide great packing materials, load and unload your objects, and offer extra services such as free 30-day storage. Reach out to us at Family Movers Express to learn how we can help you and to get a quote for your upcoming move.