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How to know what items are allowed to Move Interstate

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When you hire a great moving company, there are certain items allowed to move Interstate. They can transport almost all your items from your old place to the new location, even if it’s in a different state. However, there are certain things you can’t simply move across state lines without any issues. What’s more, it’s best if you make alternate arrangements for your most valuable and perishable possessions. Let’s have a look at what your Miami, FL, Raleigh, NC, and Orlando, FL interstate movers can’t move.

Things Your Interstate Movers Are Not Allowed to Move

Here at Family Movers Express, safety is our top priority, so we won’t be able to transport anything that could put our drivers, vans, or your family at risk. What’s more, there are certain laws surrounding what can be moved from state to state. The regulations regarding dangerous items are different in each part of the country, which is why you’ll have to consider the local laws at your new home before bringing certain things over.

Hazardous Items

We can’t transport items that pose a threat to the health and safety of our staff. Objects such as car batteries, poisons, certain fertilizers or household chemicals, nail polish remover, matches, gasoline, paints, and paint thinners should be left in your old state. This is because they can catch fire or leak and cause damage to the van and your other objects that are being transported.

Many of these items can easily be purchased again at your new place, so it’s best to give them away or sell them and then buy them from your local grocery store at your destination. Keep in mind that alcohol is also included in the list of hazardous items. If you have an extensive wine collection, you can let us know beforehand. We might be able to provide a solution for you, but we need to be aware of this before the moving day.

Guns and Ammo

The laws around gun possession are different in each state, which can make transporting these objects to your new place challenging. Professional moving companies won’t be able to help you with moving your handguns and ammunition because it is illegal for them to do so in many places. If you possess a small quantity of these objects, your best bet is to transport them on your own.

Make sure you’re aware of all the laws, both in your old and in your new state, as well as in any states you’ll be traveling through, before you pack up and move your guns. People who have a lot of firearms and ammunition should enlist the help of a licensed firearms dealer, who is legally allowed to cross state lines with these items. That way, you’re not going to run into legal trouble, and your guns are protected. Your movers can refer you to such a professional.

Things You Might Consider Moving on Your Own

Aside from the objects your moving company isn’t allowed to transport, there are other things you might consider transporting on your own. For example, you should keep a hold of your most important valuables and personal documents at all times, and you might need to make alternate arrangements for your pets and plants. Perishable food should also not be placed in a moving van, particularly if the trip is long.

Valuables and Personal Documents

Your passport, driver’s license, and other crucial documents need to stay with you, especially if you’re driving or flying independently from your movers. Similarly, you might want to keep valuables like your personal electronic documents and family heirlooms in your own care. Although your movers are insured, these items often have a lot of sentimental value and can’t easily be replaced.

Pets and Plants

The conditions inside your van aren’t suitable for your pets and plants, and you shouldn’t leave them inside a van for a drive that is longer than 2-3 hours. If possible, take your pets on your flight or drive with you, so they experience the least disruption possible.

Plants usually don’t do very well in moving vans either, and some states limit the distance they can be moved. Check out the local laws and consider whether giving plants to friends or family might be easier.


Finally, perishable food shouldn’t be transported by your movers because conditions in the van can get very hot on a long drive. Thus, your food might become unsafe, and you risk getting sick. Plan to consume or give away your food before your move.

The Miami, FL, Raleigh, NC, and Orlando, FL interstate movers you hire will be able to transport most of your objects, but there are some things they are not able to take across state lines. In addition, certain items are best taken care of on your own because they might be hard to transport, valuable, or perishable. Contact us at Family Movers Express to find out more about how to get these delicate possessions to your new home.