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How to Plan Your Move for peace of mind

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Plan Your Move: 6-8 Weeks Prior to Your Move

Planning your upcoming relocation starts 6-8 weeks prior to your move date. This is when you would like to start planning ahead and prepare for the move day.

The following guidelines will walk you through the basic preparations that require your attention.

Book Your Moving Date with a Moving Company

Choosing the right moving company is a process that takes some time. You will have to compare quotes from different companies and take in consideration price, experience, and reputation. When you request a quote, be sure to provide your relocation representative all the necessary information regarding your move needs:

1. Origin and destination information including: address and all other aspects such as stairs or elevator, truck parking, etc.

2. Packing services and packing supplies.

3. Unpacking services and debris removal

4. Accurate pick up and delivery dates.

5. Storage requirements

6. Any need for vehicle transportation.

What Goes and What Stays?

Whether you are moving locally or interstate, your moving cost will be determined according to the amount of possessions you are moving with you. Usually for local moves, price is based on an hourly rate while for log distance moves the price is calculated by your possessions weight or volume. This is the right time to start downsizing your move as much as possible. If you know how your new residence looks like, sketch a floor plan and try to fit your belongings in it. Visualize the space and think about furniture placements. Keep in mind that there is quite a difference between the average apartment sizes in different states. After deciding which items you are not taking with you, you will need to choose what to do with these items. Here are some options:

1. One great opportunity to make money is to sell old stuff in a garage sale.

2. It is always a good idea to help others and donate your old belongings to those who need it. Schedule donation’s pick ups for 2 weeks prior to your move date.

3. Give away stuff to friends and family

4. Dispose of items that cannot be reused.

Packing and Packing Supplies

If you choose to pack yourself, this is the time to start gathering packing supplies.

You can purchase all these materials directly from your moving company. Most companies will also free deliver packing materials if you choose to buy from them.

Be sure to purchase boxes that are specially designed for moving and relocation to prevent any damages to your belongings. Oversized boxes can contain more but are often not strong enough to protect the packed items from damage.

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