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Long Distance and 5 Reasons to Hire Full Service Movers

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Moving long distance can be tricky, but fortunately, there are professionals here to help you out. Your full-service movers can assist you with the process from start to finish. In addition to completing all tasks related to moving and making sure your items are safe, they will also offer you free storage so you can decide what to do with things you don’t want to take with you.

Your full service movers in Raleigh, Charlotte, Nashville and Phoenix

1. Raleigh movers

Whenever you move from Raleigh, you run the risk of losing or damaging valuable items such as large pieces of furniture, ceramics, or art. However, the chance of this happening is much smaller when you work with a professional moving company because they are experts at packing up everything. To start with, they will choose packing materials such as blankets and sturdy boxes that best protect what you’re transporting.

They will also handle everything with care and let you know if something needs special attention. In some cases, your movers might advise you to pad doors, stairs, and other structures that could damage your items due to sharp corners. When loading their van, they will also check that everything is properly secured and nothing will move or slip during the journey. That way, you’re sure that your things arrive safely and are handled with the utmost care.

2. Charlotte Movers

Moving from Charlotte to a different state is one of the most stressful life events possible, and you’ll almost certainly feel anxious about the process. Luckily, your movers do this on a regular basis and are therefore familiar with every step. Before you get started, they can give you a checklist so you don’t run the risk of missing anything. What’s more, they will offer you a comprehensive service, which means help with packing, carrying, loading, and unloading.

Even if you’re busy with work or family commitments, your move will go smoothly because the professionals involved can complete most of the tasks. And should there be an issue or a delay, you can rely on them to provide you with a storage solution and assist you in a flexible way.

3. Nashville Movers

Our Nashville movers will be there every step of the way and provide you with full service. This means that they won’t just arrive with the van and expect everything to be ready. Instead, you can ask them to bring packing materials and pack up everything, then load it into their van. You’ll also find that your movers want to discuss the loading order. Optimizing this can make unloading at the other end much simpler.

4. You Gain Access to Free Storage

The more stuff you bring, the harder it will be to move to a new location, particularly one that is far away. For this reason, many people decide to declutter and leave some of their things behind.

However, it can be hard to get rid of them immediately, as you might wait for a friend or family member to pick them up, or you might be looking for a buyer. In such a situation, the free storage solution offered by your movers is of crucial importance and will save you a lot of money.

5. You Don’t Put Your Move at Risk

Finally, it’s important to remember that moving this far is a serious business, and a lot could go wrong. If you hire the wrong company, you might be stood up on the day and have to frantically look for someone else. Similarly, drivers who are not careful are much more prone to have an accident on the road and therefore damage your possessions.

By opting for a company with a great reputation and a long history of high-quality service, you can prevent all these issues from occurring. Before you book, check out some of the testimonials and reviews. If the previous customers were happy with the service provided, you can expect to have a similarly positive experience.

Hiring full-service movers when you move long distance, can be a great decision because it will take all the stress out of the process. You can be sure that your valuable items will be safe and that you don’t run into any issues with storage, even if your move is delayed. Visit us today at Family Movers Express to discover how we could help you move long distance or fill out this form and one our representatives will call you to discuss.

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