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How to Move Across the Country: this is what you Can’t Ignore

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5 Essential Steps You Can’t Ignore

A cross-country move is never easy, but there are many ways to make a move across the country simpler and less stressful. Most importantly, the long distance movers you hire will help you to relocate in a hassle-free way. Today, let’s have a look at some of the best tips on how to move, from taking stock of your belongings and getting rid of anything you don’t need to packing and loading smartly.

How to Move Across the Country: 5 Essential Steps You Can’t Ignore

1. Take Stock of Your Belongings

Before you even start to think about packing up your things, walk around your house and determine what you will take and what you will leave behind. There might be certain pieces of furniture you are very attached to, but the more you can give away to friends and family, donate, sell, or throw away, the less you will need to transport to your new location. A big move is a perfect time to get started on some decluttering and figure out what’s really important.

Often, this step can be initiated many weeks or even months before your move, so you’ll have plenty of time to find new homes for your things. Go through your house room by room and make a note of the things you will leave and those you will take. It’s often helpful to start with the biggest items first, as they will be the most difficult to transport.

2. Determine All Travel Arrangements for Your Cross Country Move

The contents of your home will be driven from one location to the next by your movers, but you’ll also have to think about how you and the rest of your family will get there. If you have a car, the most sensible thing might be to load it up with some of your belongings and take a road trip to your new home. However, under certain circumstances, flying might be easier, particularly if the drive would be very long and arduous.

3. Get Your New Place Ready

When you hire a great moving company, they will give you as much information about the process as possible. But in many cases, you might spend a few days without your stuff while it’s being transported. You’ll need to make arrangements for these days. If you’re taking your car to the new home, you might bring the essentials such as bedding and minimal furniture with you, but if not, you’ll need to think about how to obtain them.

Some people have family or friends in their new location already, in which case they can rely on them for assistance. However, people who don’t know anyone in their new city might be able to benefit from official arrangements that can help them out. Research on local websites and social media accounts to find out whether the municipality provides any help or whether you’ll need to make your own plans for when you arrive.

4. Pack and Load Smartly

How you pack up your things and load them in the van can have a great impact on the unpacking process. Think about where you want each item to go and where you can place it so it will be easy to find once it arrives. Your movers will be able to help you come up with some great packing and loading strategies. For example, they might advise you to put the boxes into the van room by room, so you can place them in the right spot as soon as you arrive.

5. Hire Experienced Long Distance Movers 

The professionals you hire can either make your life much easier or much harder. Make sure to choose a reputable, well-respected company with great reviews from other customers. The best moving companies will offer a tailored service, which means that you can choose how much assistance you receive and whether you’d like to pack your own boxes or have your movers do everything for you.

What’s more, they will provide you with some additional services, such as free storage for 30 days, which can make your trip much easier. A full-service moving company helps you keep the stressful parts of your relocation to a minimum.

There are a number of steps you can take to facilitate your cross-country move. Your long-distance movers can assist you from start to finish and give you great tips and checklists that can simplify the process. Get in touch with us today at Family Movers Express to learn more about how to move across the country and the different services we offer.