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How Much Does Moving Labor Cost in Florida?

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Moving a house in Orlando, FL, Ft Lauderdale, FL, or Miami, FL is expensive, and you’ll be looking to optimize the cost and make sure you’re not paying too much for your moving labor. However, it’s important not to cut corners because the quality of your affordable movers will determine how the day goes. If you choose well-qualified professionals, you’ll have a calm, stress-free experience, and your items will be safe.

How Much Does Moving Labor Cost in Orlando, FL, Ft Lauderdale, FL, or Miami, FL?

The cost of moving depends on several factors, including the type of service you choose and the quality of your movers. Here at Family Movers Express, all our employees are highly skilled and professional. Despite this, the quotes we provide our customers vary wildly, since everyone has a differently-sized home and different requirements. If you’re moving out of state, you can also expect to pay more than if you are only moving across town.

The Type of Service

Some people just rent a van and move their things on their own, so they might pay $50-150 for the day. While this can work well for college students or young people with very few belongings, it is a hassle for anyone else. Remember that you will have to carry all your furniture yourself, and you won’t have any help with packing up your things, placing them in the van securely, and unloading them at the other end.

Most people benefit from the help of professional movers. If you want to pack up your own things and would prefer a minimal service, you might only have to pay $500-750. However, if you want a comprehensive service, it will cost you $1,000-2,500. This includes the packing materials necessary to transport your items safely, loading and unloading the van, and driving your things to a new location.

The Quality of the Movers

The above-named figures are only estimates, and the cost can vary considerably depending on whom you hire. There are unskilled movers available for as little as $15 per hour. Unfortunately, there won’t be any guarantee that they will arrive on time and provide you with a great service. When you choose Family Movers Express, you’re sure to have a good experience because we pride ourselves on our professionalism.

Is It Worth Hiring Affordable Movers?

For most people, the cost of movers more than cancels out the benefits because they take the stress out of a very challenging day and prevent your valuable items from breaking. If you choose a full service, you can expect us to arrive in the morning and start carefully packing up all your items. We will then determine the smartest way to place them in the van, so it’s easy to take them out at the other end.

Once we’re done packing and loading, we will help you do a final sweep of your old home to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. Then, we will carefully transport everything to your new location, where we are happy to help you with the unloading process. If necessary, we also offer free, climate-controlled storage for any unwanted items for 30 days. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting rid of everything right away.

Making Sure All Your Items Are Safe

A big part of a mover’s job is making sure all your items are safe. Moving delicate possessions can be tricky, and it’s easy for something to break. However, when working with a great moving company, your risk is greatly reduced because we know how to handle all kinds of objects. If you let us know what items we’re moving beforehand, we will bring appropriate packing materials that drastically increase the chances of a safe trip.

When loading our van, we know exactly how to secure everything to make sure your items don’t move around during the trip. Remember that a family member will be allowed to ride in every truck, so you can supervise our movers and help them make sure your belongings are stored safely.

The cost of moving labor in Orlando, FL, Ft Lauderdale, FL, or Miami, FL depends on the kind of service you choose, the size of your home, and the length of your trip, but you can expect to pay around $1,000 to $2,500 for a full service. Get in touch with us at Family Movers Express to ask for a quote for your move. Our affordable movers will be more than happy to provide you with more information and help you out on the big day.

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