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5 Perks of Hiring an Experienced Long-Distance Moving Company

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When moving to a new home or business location, it’s almost always best to hire an experienced long-distance moving company. They not only take the stress out of moving, but they can also prevent damage to your possessions and provide extra perks such as free storage. Let’s have a closer look at why working with professionals is the best way to go when moving to Miami FL, Raleigh, NC, or Orlando, FL…or beyond!

1. They Take the Stress Out of Moving

It’s no secret that moving house can be exceedingly stressful, especially if you have a big home and a lot of items. In fact, for large families with both children and pets, the process can significantly disrupt everyone’s life and create tension. For this reason, you’ll need all the help you can get, and experienced movers will assist you at every step of the way. Instead of just showing up with a van on the day, they can offer the services you might need.

Before your big day, they will provide you with a comprehensive checklist that helps you make sure everything is on track. A great moving company can also provide your packing materials, help you pack up everything, and load it into the van sensibly. At your new location, the movers won’t leave until you are happy with the way everything has been placed into your home. That way, you can sit back and relax because you know everything is taken care of.

2. They Prevent Damage to Your Items

Everyone who’s completed a long-distance move before knows that items can easily break during the process. But hiring experts and allowing them to bring great packing materials can significantly reduce the risk of your most delicate and valuable items being damaged. Your movers will not only pack and protect your objects, but they might also pad dangerous structures within the house, such as doorways, to ensure that there is no risk.

Once inside the van, your furniture and larger items will be secured with ropes and other safety devices, so nothing can move around while on the road. Your movers will also load your possessions in a way that provides maximum safety.

3. They Offer a Comprehensive Service

Some moving companies only provide a vehicle and an employee to carry your furniture into the van. But experienced long-distance movers like Family Movers Express will offer a much more comprehensive service that is tailored to your individual needs. If you have a large home, don’t have a lot of time, or are a senior, it might be hard for you to pack up everything yourself.

That’s why we will start the process by chatting to you about your needs. We will ask whether you’d like us to provide the packing materials, come early to help you pack everything up, and provide you with advice about the process. No matter if you want a simple or more involved service, our friendly staff will be able to deliver.

4. There Are Extra Perks

Sometimes, you might need some additional help, or your plans don’t work out in the way you imagined. If you’re already working with great movers, you won’t have to worry about this because they will be happy to help you out. For instance, we offer 30 days of free storage, so you can leave something with us. That is in case you don’t want to take it to your new home but can’t immediately sell or relocate it.

This is also very useful if your plans suddenly change due to a problem with either the old or the new home. What’s more, our employees will always help you do a final sweep of your old place, so you don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind.

5. They Provide Maximum Value for Money Spent

Moving is expensive, and you’ll want to gain the most value you can out of the money you spend. A great moving company will provide this because their employees are professional and knowledgeable. They will arrive on time, provide you with friendly service, and give you regular updates about how your long-distance move is going. That way, you’ll easily be able to stay on track.

A long-distance moving company can help smooth out the process in a number of ways. Most importantly, they will reduce the stress of moving, tailor their service to your needs, and make sure that nothing breaks while on the move. Speak to one of our customer service representatives. We can help you plan and execute your move, no matter where you’re going.