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6 Things You Should Never Do When Moving Furniture

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Moving furniture that is heavy or bulky can be a big challenge. To make sure nothing breaks and you don’t injure yourself, pack everything carefully and hire professional movers local to Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, or Charlotte, FL, who can transport your items safely. It’s also worth checking whether you need to take everything with you or whether it would be easier to sell or donate some things and buy new furniture.

6 Things You Should Never Do When Moving Furniture in Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, and Charlotte, NC

1. Move Things That Are Too Heavy for You

People who aren’t professional movers often underestimate the difficulty of transporting furniture. Even if you’re very strong and you’ve lifted heavy weights at the gym, you’ll be surprised at how hard it is because furniture is often large and unwieldy. Many pieces can’t be carried by one person alone, so don’t hesitate to ask your movers for help. They have lots of experience transporting bulky items through tight spaces and up or down stairs, so they are much less likely to get injured than you are.

2. Leave Furniture Unprotected

After your move, you’ll want your furniture to look just as great as it does now. Unfortunately, narrow doorways and bumpy roads can often cause damage to valuable pieces. Don’t start moving your furniture until you’ve thoroughly wrapped each surface in suitable packing materials.

Depending on the kind of item you’re transporting, you could use cloth, bubble cushioning, cardboard, and sealable bags. If you’re in doubt, your movers can help you figure out what materials are best, and they will pack everything up for you.

3. Expect All Your Friends to Help

Many people have friends who can help them with their move. But think carefully about how you want your moving day to go before you ask all your acquaintances to participate. Professional movers might be a better choice because they could be more reliable, they have more experience packing up expensive or delicate furniture, and they are more likely to be on time.

With friends, you could run into a number of problems. They might have a last-minute emergency or a medical condition that prevents them from lifting heavy weights, or they might not know how to best pack up breakable items or bulky furniture. What’s more, expecting your friends to help with a move can put a strain on your relationship because your friends might not be able to help, and they might worry about disappointing you.

4. Keep Items in Your Furniture

Sometimes, people try to keep items inside their furniture because they think that this is easier and less time-consuming than packing everything up into boxes and moving it separately. But in many cases, this isn’t a good idea because your small items could get broken within the furniture or the furniture could get damaged. While clothes might be okay when kept inside your chest of drawers or wardrobe, always remove heavy or breakable items.

5. Forgetting About Moving Fatigue

A lot goes on during Moving Day. While you might feel great and motivated at the start, it’s likely that you will become overwhelmed as the day progresses. Don’t hesitate to give yourself periods of rest throughout the day. Lifting and moving furniture when you’re very tired is a recipe for disaster, and it can cause injuries and accidents.

6. Take Stuff You Don’t Need

At first, you might hate the idea of parting with any of your current furniture. But if you bought it years ago, chances are that your tastes have changed or that some pieces aren’t perfect anymore.

Leaving some things behind and buying new items could be a good idea because it saves you the hassle of moving your furniture, and it allows you to upgrade your space. You can donate, give away, or even sell furniture you no longer want, and if you hire a reputable moving company, you might be able to leave your things in climate-controlled storage for up to 30 days.

Moving furniture is more challenging than most people think. Not only are many items large, heavy, and bulky, but they are also delicate, so they require careful packing and handling. If you have valuable pieces, it’s almost always best to hire professional movers because they can make sure nothing happens to your possessions. Call us at Family Movers Express in Miami, FL, Orlando, FL, and Charlotte, NC to find out about our services and book.