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How Much Does It Usually Cost to Move to Another State?

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Families considering a long-distance move might wonder how much the relocation will set them back. While it can be hard to put an exact price on a move, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars for your Orlando, FL or Miami, FL interstate movers, the supplies you’ll need to purchase, and the closing costs on your home. Let’s have a closer look at how expensive your move might be.

How Much Does It Cost to Move to a Different State?

The amount of money families spend on their relocation varies greatly. Some of the factors that could increase your costs are moving lots of heavy items, traveling a long distance, and purchasing an expensive house in a new location. On average, a move sets people back around $5,000, but this might not include additional costs such as the closing fees on the new property or the deposit on a rental house or apartment.

Your Interstate Movers in Orlando, FL or Miami, FL

It’s likely that you’ll spend most of your money on relocating your items from one home to the other. On average, Americans spend $3,000-5,000 on long-distance movers, but this figure can vary considerably. If you have a lot of items and therefore require many vans or if you’re moving to a state that is very far away, you’re likely to spend more. But if your home is of modest size and you’re only moving a few hundred miles, you might pay less.

When you first get in touch with your movers, you can let them know what your budget is and what types of service you’re looking for. While some people can complete most tasks on their own and simply need someone to drive the van, others prefer a full service that includes bringing materials, packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking.

Supplies and Purchasing New Items

Don’t forget to include the supplies you need and the items you have to replace in your budget. Although it’s unlikely that any of your possessions will break when you use high-quality movers, there are certain objects you can’t bring with you. All flammable, explosive, and corrosive materials need to stay behind, so you’ll have to purchase them again at your new location.

Similarly, you might need certain supplies to help you during your move. If you’re opting for a basic service, you’ll need to provide your own boxes, paper, tape, and labels. You should also think about how you will get yourself and your family members to the new location. If you have a car, you’ll have to purchase enough gas to get to the new home, and if you’re flying, you should include the tickets in your budget.

Closing Costs on Your Home

Some people who move to a new state decide to rent a home there first. This could be sensible, as it allows you to get to know the neighborhood before you settle down permanently. However, renting can be expensive, especially because you’ll have to provide your landlord with a deposit. You’ll get this back eventually, but don’t forget to budget for it.

People who purchase a new home straight away will need to consider the closing costs. These include the realtor fees, appraisal costs, and title insurance. The average home buyer pays around 2-5% of their loan value in closing costs, which can amount to thousands of dollars if your property is very valuable.

How to Make the Most of Your Budget

Although the cost of relocating is significant, there are several things you can do to reduce the financial impact on your life. Firstly, hiring the best long-distance movers possible can help you save both time and money, as you won’t have to worry about objects breaking or your movers not showing up at the appointed time.

Many people also recommend moving during the off season when movers aren’t as busy and are more likely to reduce their prices. Generally, the late autumn, winter, and early spring are the cheapest times to move. Additionally, you can sell your unwanted items instead of throwing them away. If you have valuables you’re not taking with you, you could make hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Relocating is almost always expensive, and it’s likely that you’ll spend several thousand dollars on your long-distance move. Aside from paying your interstate movers in Miami, FL or Orlando, FL, you’ll also need to consider your home’s closing costs and the supplies you’ll need to buy. Contact us now at Family Movers Express to discuss your upcoming move with a professional and get a quote.