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Cross-country moving costs: 5 things to know

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The distance between the two houses has a big impact on how much the moving company will end up charging you. Raleigh to Orlando is different than Raleigh to Myrtle Beach. However, the distance factor is a constant value that you can’t really change.
Your moving company will charge you for the total weight of the shipment. This means that the more things you take with you to your new residence, the more money you’ll have to pay your moving company. So, to cut down on moving costs, take as few things with you as possible. Only take things that you don’t particularly like and won’t need in your new home.

Your moving company will charge you for the number and type of extra services you want. For example, the most common additional service is packing, and this usually includes the cost of all packing materials. What this means in practice is that if you can pack all or most of your items yourself, your moving company will charge you much less for the move. Moving locally is different than moving Long Distance.

Your moving company will charge you extra if you’ve special items that require a higher level of protection and care during the move to ensure they arrive at your new home intact. These special household items include pianos, hot tubs, pool tables, heavy safes, grandfather clocks and so on.

The number of movers is also something that may chnage the price, depending on how your moving quote is put together.

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