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Help Movers?: This is what you need to know now

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Whether you’re moving locally, or planning a long distance move,  one thing is certain: hiring a professional moving team can help you stay on track, on time, and on budget. Many people wonder if, in addition to professionals, they should help movers, with friends or family members. Read on to understand how the appropriate moving etiquette can help everyone involved on the big day.

Ask Professionals: Do You need to help movers During a Move?

The answer to this question depends on your personal preferences. You may choose to have friends help you transport certain items, such as family heirlooms, but it’s not necessary. Our team is trained to manage all aspects of your move, from start to finish. What you can do is help in other ways to ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible.

For instance, if you’ve decided not to hire us to pack your personal belongings, we recommend you have them boxed before our team shows up. Start with those items you rarely use and remember to pack attics and basements. It may be best to start with these areas, in fact, as they often contain miscellaneous items unnecessary to daily activities.

Appropriately Label Moving Boxes

As you fill moving boxes, remember to label them appropriately. Kitchen items should be clearly marked kitchen and so on to help your movers efficiently load and unload boxes. Taking this small but vital step will also reduce stress as you begin the process of unpacking.

You should likewise appropriately label fragile items. Again, it’s crucial you do this before movers arrive so they can instantly get to work. You might even organize your boxes in small groups, keeping kitchen boxes together, bathroom boxes together, and so on, and explain this arrangement to your movers before they dig in.

Clean Desks and Drawers

Nearly everyone who uses a desk, filing cabinet, or dresser stores items in the drawers. It’s important you clean out these spaces so they’re easier to carry. Keep in mind that full drawers pose physical dangers to movers as they may open or shift unexpectedly.

If you run out of time and cannot clean desks or filing cabinets, you should tightly wrap them in plastic secured with heavy-duty tape. This option can simplify packing and also safeguard movers as they work.

Minimize Contact with Children and Pets

Children and pets can hinder the moving process and create dangerous obstacles. Their running in and out of rooms as movers try to carry items means somebody will likely get hurt.

If possible, you should let pets and kids spend the day with a friend or relative. Alternatively, you or your partner should take them out of the house so movers can work without interruption. A third option is to designate an empty room (with a door) as their play space for the day. This helps ensure the safety of your loved ones and our moving crew; you don’t want a mover carrying a piece of furniture to suddenly trip over a child or pet.

Coordinate Easy Access

Your movers will need easy access in and out of your home throughout the day. This means allowing them to park in a nearby space and repeatedly use elevators or loading docks if you live in a multi-level building. Likewise, you should ensure sidewalks and paths are walkable both to and from your home.

Stay on Site

It’s true that movers appreciate unobstructed access to your items and furniture, meaning your physical help will likely be unnecessary. Your input, however, will be needed throughout the moving process. You will therefore need to remain in your home until all of your belongings are packed in the truck. If you do need to run an errand during this time, arrange for someone you trust to stay with the movers until you return.

Minimize Surprises

The last thing movers want to hear after packing your house is that you need to make an unexpected stop at your mom’s house or friend’s condo. Instead of tossing out a surprise like this, plan your moving day well in advance and let us know of all intended stops. We can then do our best to accommodate your needs.

For some, moving means starting a new life, while for others, it means upgrading or downsizing to suit a particular lifestyle. Hiring professional movers can simplify the process and safeguard your personal belongings. You can help our team by minimizing surprises, coordinating easy access to your home, and packing and labeling all boxes before the big day. For your local and long-distance moving needs, contact Family Movers Express today.